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Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 56713861
Closing Date 20 - Feb - 2023  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of food items - perishable, fresh fruits and vegetables, english vegetables and improted fruits, milk & milk products, indian and imported cheese, mutton, chicken, fish and sea food (fresh and frozen), tenderloin pork, frozen meat products indian and imported, eggs, fresh mushroom, bread & noodles, ice cream/ kulfi french fries, frozen green peas and corn, non perishable - groceries - dry fruits, spices, pulses & flours, imported groceries, canned item, others - office stationary, biodegradable - garbage and butchery bag's, gel fuel, cleaning supplies, disposable and paper products, guest amenities & toiletries, candles (t-lights & pillar), garbage segregation and lifting, engineering - industrial salt, electrical items, paints, hardware, plumbing items, plywood, sanitary, switch socket wire and misc items.
Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 56734090
Closing Date 20 - Feb - 2023  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of food (1) perishable (a) fresh fruits & vegetables (b) english vegetables and imported fruits (c) milk & milk products, (d) indian and imported cheese (e) mutton ( f) chicken (g) fish & sea food (fresh & frozen) (h) tenderloin, pork (i) frozen meat product's indian & imported (j) eggs (k) fresh mushroom (l) bread & noodles (m) ice cream / kulfi (n) french fries, frozen green peas and corn (2) non perishable. (a) groceries — dry fruit, spices, pulses & flours, (b) imported groceries (c) canned item others- office stationery (b)biodegradable- garbage and butchery bag's (c) gel fuel, (d) cleaning supplies (e) disposable and paper products (f) guest amenities & toiletries (g) candles (t- lights & pillar), garbage segregation and lifting. engineering- (a) industrial salt, (b) electrical items, (c) paints, hardware,(d) plumbing items, (e) plywood (f) sanitary (g) switch socket wire & misc items services- (a) decorator, (b) av rental, (c) pest control, (d) manpower services (e) water tanker & stp (f)transport staff & guest, (g) chaat & fruit counter (h) courier service (l) sound & light(j) flower decoration tender forms are available in our purchase office
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 15.40 Million / 1.54 Crore
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 56820447
Closing Date 20 - Feb - 2023  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Stay Wire.
Sector Cement Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 56743855
Closing Date 14 - Feb - 2023  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of fibre cable
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 10.30 Million / 1.03 Crore
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 56777924
Closing Date 14 - Feb - 2023  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Rate contract for supply of polycarbonate #1 supply, laying, testing & commissioning of 66kv 3cx300 sqmm cables with required crores lacs 15:30 hrs 15:45 hrs accessories on single point responsibility basis in connection with partial conversion of 66 kv d/c 0/h njf - bodela-2 ckt 1 & 2 tower line #1 rate contract for supply of 11kv xlpe 3.0 6 14.02.2023 14.02.2023 rb/pr/fh/1093 insulated aluminium conductor ab cable #1 rate contract for supply of 1.1kv grade 2.71 5.42 14.02.2023 14.02.2023 rb/pr/fh/1094 power cable of size 1cx630 #1 rate contract for supply & installation of end termination & straight jointing kits of various sizes of cables upto 11 kv
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 353.30 Million / 35.33 Crore
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 56799957
Closing Date 14 - Feb - 2023  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Rate contract for supply of polycarbonate meter seal. #*. Supply. Laying, testing and commissioning of 66 kv 3cx300 SQMM cables with required accessories. #*. Supply of 11kv XLPE insulated aluminum conductor ab cable. #*. Supply of 1.1kv power cable. #*. Supply and installation of end termination and straight through cable.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 15 Million / 1.50 Crore
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 56814672
Closing Date 14 - Feb - 2023  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of drugs & medicines, keratome 2.8 blade, cresent blade, side port, pns needle 15cm, dial flow, abdominal belt m, abdominal belt l, abdominal belt xl, spirometer, colostomy bag, needle 16 g, op site 15x28cm, surgar strip code free, combined spinal epidural kit , codon set, pcn needle 15cm, tur set (transurethral resection set), pcn catheter 14fr, pcn drape, transparent film dressing, lappad, cautry plate, elastic adhesive bandage, cather mount , crepe bandage, stokinete, c-arm cover, hip-u-drap, nerve stimulation needle, feeding bag, needle 16 g, dental burr 702, dental burr 703, leucoband, antimicrobial incise drapes 65cm x 45cm, ventleting bougie, liga clip lt 300, liga clip lt 400, skin stapler remover, vp shunt(medium pressure), t-piece with nebulizer, chest binder l, chlorhexidine gauze dressing 10cm x30cm, lamino spinal drape , chest drainage tube 28 no., chest drainage tube 32 no., guide wire 0.025” 150cm, silicon folley catheter various size, urethral catheter 5 fr, endo loop, giggle wire/gigli saw wire, nasal dressing pack with string (8.0 x 1.5 x 2.0)cm , knee o drape, external venticular drain , artial cannula , arm siling pouch various size, biospy gun , cervical collar belt, foleys catheter tri way various no, steinmann pin (all size), mersilk without needle 0 no, mersilk without needle 1 no, mersilk without needle 2 no, silk no. 1 cutting, ventilator connector, endotracheal tube ,cutt –size 8 , pregnancy test card, liver biopsy needle, l.p.needle, cvp cannula, arteular cathetor, arteular transdusar, tracheostomy tube with cuff 7.5, tracheostomy tube with cuff 5, chest drain 28, vp shunt (low pressure), vp shunt (high pressure), umblical line , keratome 2.2 blade, synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite (crystalline), soft cotton role, under water seal bag, air mattress, aneurysmal clips temporary, aneurysmal clips permanant, aneurysmal clips mini clips, hydrophilic guidewire 260cm,0.025inches j tip, sclerotherapy needle 21 g, cyanoacrylate glue 0.5ml, neuro patties book, tracheostomy tube with cuff 4.5, suction catheter , l s belt, double stem tur loop surgical, iv cannula 26 no, 6 no., strile suction tube set, nasal oxygen pron for neonatal, umbical cathator, eye bandage for neonatal, closed wound suction drain 10, wound drainage reservior 8fr, eye drap, eye sponge , inj.tirofiban 5mg/100ml, inj. flucloxacilin 1gm, inj. amino acid 500ml, tab nimodipine 60mg, inj.eptifibatide 75mg/100ml, inj.eptifibatide 20mg/10ml, inj.trastuzumab 375mg, syp citicolin, turpentine oil, hemocouglant solution, inj.atropin vial (10ml), inj.locosamide 200mg , chlorhexidine gluconate & cetrimide solution 100ml, tab griseofulvin ip 125mg, tetanus vaccine ip 5ml vial, inj.vecuronium bromide for injection 4mg, bone wax starlised, inj. prochlorperazine mesylate injection 12.5mg/5ml, temozolomide capsule ip 100mg, lemotrigine tab ip 50mg, isoprenaline injection ip 2mg/ml, acetylcystine solution 200mg/ml, lacosamide tablet 100mg, inj. hepatitis b. immuniglobulin ip 100i.u., inj.somatostatin , moxifloxacin + tobramycin eye drop, isobaric bupivacaine 0.5%, inj.prochlorperazine 12.5mg, inj. cefepime & sulbactam 1.5gm , hydrogen peroxide solution, alkylizer syrup 1.4gm/5ml(disodium hydrogen citrate ), digoxin inj ip 0.25 mg/ml, formaldehyde solution (34.5per.- 38 per.), inj. teriparatide 700mcg/3ml, acyclovir eye ointment ip 3% w/w 5gm size, allopurinol tablet 100 mg, amphotericin b injection 50 mg, anticold syrup: phenylephrine hcl , chlorpheniramine maleate, and paracetamol 2.5 mg+ 1 mg+125 mg/5ml, artemether + leumefantrine tablet (40 mg and 240 mg), atracurium injection 10 mg/ml, atropine sulphate injection 0.6 mg/ml, aztreonam 1gm injection, bupivacaine hydrochloride in dextrose injection 5mg + 80 mg per ml, calamine lotion ip, calcitriol capsule 0.25 mcg, calcium gluconate injection 10%, cap thalidomide usp 100 mg (each hard gelatin capsule contains thalidomide usp 100 mg), capsule tacrolimus ip 0.5 mg (each hard gealtin capsule tacrolimus ip 0.5 mg), capsule temozolomide ip 100 mg (each hard gelatin capsule contains temozolomide ip 100mg), carboprost tromethamine injection 0.25 mg/ml, chloridazepoxide tablets ip 10 mg, chlorpromazine tablets ip 100 mg, chlorpromazine tablets ip 50 mg, chlorpromazine tablets ip 25 mg, ciprofloxacin tablet 500 mg, clomiphene tablet 50 mg, clomiphene tablet ip 25 mg etc.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 56854495
Closing Date 13 - Feb - 2023  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale Of Property Industrial Gala Nos. 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32,33, 34 And 35, Machineries , Machines In Good Condition- Ms, Vessel, Induction Motor, Induction Motor, Stand With Conveying Attachments, Pp Sheet Making Machine, Consisting Of Hopper Dryer,, Extruders And Rolling Attachment, Monolayer Blown Film Making, Machine, Pp Sheet Looms, Air Compressor With Storage, Cylinder 500 Litres, Air Compressor Baseframe With 500, Litre Cylinder, Goods Lift, Carry Bag Punching Machine, Electric Panels, Automatic Carry Bag Sealing, Machine, Automatic Carry Bag Making, Machine, Automatic Carry Bag Making, Machine, Electric Board With 5 Mcb, On/Off Switch, Scrap Machines--Small Mixer &, Mill, Pp Chips Mixer With Motor, Extruder With Hopper, Control Panel, Unidentified Machine-Solid, Transformer, Transformer Box, Unidentified Machine-Hollow, Ss 304 Weighing Balance, Electric Box-Push Button, Induction Motors Monoblock With, Bongflioli Gear Box, Air Compressor With Storage, Cylinder 500 Litres, Air Blower For Venting, Hopper Loader For Pp Chips, Shafting For Pp Sheet Rolls, Ms Scrap—Lumpsum, Ms Shaft For Pp Sheet Roll--Rolls, Attached, Induction Motors, Small Gear Box, Plc Controller, Pelton Wheel, Monoblock Blower, Pipe Wrench, Spanners, Screw Driver, Cables--Set-Lumsum, Ms Shafts, Ms Shafts, Ms Guard, Ms Guard, On/Off Switch, Blower With Piping Mnifold & Motor, Shafting For Pp Sheet Rolls, Scrap Parts Packed In Sacks--Set-, Lumpsum, Ms Die, Flexo Printing Press For Pp Fabric, Ms Wheel, Blower With Vent Duct & Motor, Mono Block Blower-Motor, Carry Bag Die Punch, Furniture & Fixtures/Oe &, Convenience--Tables With 2 Door, Cupboards, Tables, Stools, Ms Bed, Water Cooler, Refrigerator, Reception Table, Waiting Room Table, Sofa, Office Table, Cup Boards, Table In Director Cabin, Side Table, Office Table Inside Cabin, Conference Table, Chairs, Ceiling Fans, Table Inside Security Cabin.
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 56885954
Closing Date 09 - Feb - 2023  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale Of Old Used And Spent Catalyst Including Cobalt Molybdenum Catalyst- 5000kg,Sud Chemie Methanator (c-13-4)-- 5000kg And Pdil Lt Guard Catalyst Cd-Lt-21a---1300kg,Weight Is Approximate And It May Be Vary .seq. No. 363 Against Seq. No. 241., Old Used & Scrap Rrl Delivery Hoses "100% Rubber -lined Canvavas Hoses With Coupling And Without Coupling, Seq No -593, Old Used & Scrap Defective & Non-Functionl Wind Socks Seq .no -596, Old Used & Scrap Fire Extinguishers ,co2, 4.5 Kg- 12 Nos & Abc Dry Chemical Type, 5kg- 02 Nos , Seq No.-597, Old Used & Scrap Fire Extinguishers Co2 Type - 01 No & Foam Type Fire Extinguisher- 07 Nos,Seq No.-598, Old And Used Damaged Chain Pulley Blocks Weight Is Approximate And It May Be Vary, Seq No.- 600, Old And Non Repairable Fork Lift - Godrej Diesel Forklift Truck, Model ,seq No- 614, Old Used And Scrap Emergency Domestic Tubelight Fixture (1 X 20w), Seq No-617, Ruptured / Damaged / Soiled Urea Hdpe Bags Unserviceable ,seq No- 628, Old Used And Damaged Motor Bearings,Seq No-630, Old Used & Scrap Kellog Supplied Control Valves (05 Nos) And Transmitters(02 Nos). Seq. No-634, Old Used & Scrap Vacuum Contactor Panel Of Urea-1 3.3kv Swgr , 635, Old Used And Scrap Containing, Alloy Steel Piping- 81.3 Mt Approx, Structural Steel - 9.26 Mt Approx, Scraped Alloy Steel Valves- 51.3 Mt Approx) Of Ammonia -ii Plant.Weight Is Approximate It May Be Vary.Weighing Of Materials Shall Be Compulsary During Scrap Lifting,Seq No-636, Old Used And Scrap Metallic Scrap Ss, Seq No- 638, Old Used And Scrap Instruments Items Containing Metallic Probe-21 Nos,Transmitter-01 No,Afr-05 Nos, Sol Valve- 05 Nos, Dcs Cab.Fan- 05 Nos And Elect Barrier -05 Nos, Seq No- 639, Old Used And Scrap Water Cooled Output Copper Cable 300 Sqmm, 3.5 Mtr. Long Along With Copper Electrodes For Bolt Heating Machine,Seq No- 640, Old Used And Scrap Mechanical Items Containing -stress Revolving Machine-01 No, Single Phase Battery Charger-01 No, Welding Motor Generator Portable Mobile M.G.D.C Welding Set- 03 Nos, Seq No-641., Old Used And Scrap Smoke & Fume Exhaust Blower,Seq No- 642, Old And Used Volkswagan Vento Car Up70-Bx-2051,Seq No- 644, Old And Damaged Air Preheater Basket Removed From Boiler #2 And 3 , Seq No-645, Control Valve Hic-9v, Valve Size-4",Type-Angle/Quick Opening,Model-1-4800 Spare Actuat,Seq No- 646, Old Used And Scrap Non Repairable Desert Coolers, Seq No- 647, Old Used And Scrap Water Coolers Each Capacity 150 Ltr, Seq No- 648, Old And Non Repairable Tools And Cutter Grinder- Universal Tools & Cutter Grinder M.28 ,seq No-649, Old Used And Scrap Mechanical Items Containing -air Compressor ,make Ingersoll-Rand --01 No,Voltas Make Reciprocating Compressor--01 No,Vankos Hydraulic Master Pin Pusher-01 No And Vankos Hydraulic Centre Hole Jack--01no, Seq No- 650, Very Old And Non Repairable Diesel Shunting Locomotiv Wds-4 - Wds-4 Diesel Shunting Locomotive,Seq No-651, Old Used And Scrap Suction Dampner Of 31p-1b And Slewing Bearing With Gear, Make Rothe Erde, Seq No-652, Old Used And Scrap Different Types Of Window & Split Air Conditioners (50 Nos Window Ac ,08 Nos Split Ac, Seq No- 653.
Sector Stainless Steel Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttarakhand Tenders Ref.No 56885984
Closing Date 09 - Feb - 2023  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Misc Mechanical and Fabrication Scrap, Misc Plastic and Rubber Scrap, Old Armoured Cables, Old Cut Pieces of Armoured Cables, Old Hose Pipes, Used Scrap Pallets, Used Wire Ropes.
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