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Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50117615
Closing Date 14 - Sep - 2022  |  34 Days to go View Tender Details
Fabrication & Erection Work in Different House. #*. Supply of Industrial Gas, refractory items. #*. rewinding of motors. #*. Supply of v-belt, hardware items, industrial paint berter make, pipe & pipe fitting, nut & boil, tools & tackles, rubber goods, air compressor spares & servicing, packing & jointing, CI sluice valves, cast steel items, electrical items, PVC wire, electrical fitting, cleaning equipment, vacuum filter spares, instrument spares & Annual maintenance contract, CI/GM casting items, cane cutting knives & hammer holder, high flow pump spares. #*. dismantling fabrication and erection of high pressure boiler. #*. Supply of helical gear kirlosker pneumatic make, CF machine spares. #*. Supply of stitching machine spares & Annual maintenance contract. #*. Supply of lubricator spares, electrical motor, nickel screen, cables, stitching thread/polythene and polyproplene, teg for sugar bag, brass liner & wirenetting, lab chemical & apparatus, heavy chemical. #*. sulphur transportation. #*. bagasse feeding work. #*. sugar handling work. #*. boiler & DM plant chemicals & supervision work. #*. Annual maintenance contract work of ACB DC drive control pannel, PLC of ACFC system, PLC of centrifugal machines, ABB make pannels, SPM monitoring of boilers & data transferring system. #*. scientific operation of overflow. #*. operation of ETP as per norms of CPCB/UPPCB. #*. Annual maintenance contract/work real time water monitoring system & data transfer. #*. procurement of grant of water consent from UPPCB lko year 2022 & 23. #*. Providing air concent and necessary direction for operation of vat scrubber season 2021-22 & 2022-23. #*. removal of fly ash, store handling, cleaning of cane carrier & CC drive. #*. cleaning of quad JH heater, pan in season & off season, spray pond & ETP cleaning, shifting of bags per shift in drier house.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50319114
Closing Date 08 - Sep - 2022  |  28 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cleaning equipment. #*. machinery and refectory work in all boilers. #*. Supply and installation of CCTV web camera. #*. Supply of hardware material, MS nut bolt, bagasse/mud/mill/sugar elevator belt, tools and tackles, welding accessories, CI/CS/GM valve, high pressure boiler steam valve for 4 TPH boilers, MS pipe and fitting. #*. DM plant chemical supply and repair/overhauling/annual maintenance contract work. #*. Supply of anti prime SS finse for boilers. #*. vacuum filter spares and services. #*. ingarsolarraind make air compressor spares and services/annual maintenance contract. #*. Supply of general electrical goods, lighting material, MS copper, aluminium wire, boiler refectory. CI/CS/GM casting, cane cutting knife and hammers. #*. Repair work of centrifugal machine plau and high flow pump rotor and Supply of spares. #*. Repair work of turbine accumulator and governor. #*. Supply of wire netting, welding gases, high flow pump spares, sulphur furnace and FRP pipe spares, rubber goods, bookram tag, ACFC ambition system of mill turbine speed automation. #*. services/annual maintenance contract of sugar bag stitching machine and Supply of spares. #*. overhauling and Annual maintenance contract of boiler instrument. #*. Supply of pressure and dialogue. #*. rewinding of electric motor and DG set alternator. #*. checking, testing, calibration, alternator, alignment and overhauling work of power house panel, ACB relay etc. #*. Supply of tissue culture lab chemical and equipment. #*. printing and supply of stationary. #*. supply and fitting of electronic conversion kit. #*. Annual maintenance contract of forks on supply center and mill gate. #*. Supply of mechanical way-bridge spares. #*. servicing/overhauling/repair work of AC. #*. store material handling. #*. Supply of labour. #*. Transportation of manure. #*. Supply of heavy chemical, lab chemical and equipment, black polythene sheet and poly proplin sheet, bag stitching thread cone, sugar bag trolley and spares. #*. Operation of wet scrubber, ETP. #*. Galai work of BISS/brown/scrap sugar/dust roddy and cleaning work of centrifugal house, hopper, grader, crystallizer syrup/molasses tank, pan gutter. #*. brawn sugar filling work in bags. #*. scrapping/cleaning work of boiling house equipment. #*. cleaning work of pan/evooperator bodies. #*. Repair work of chemical cleaning and shaft and gutter. #*. Supply of juice heater tubes. #*. handling of lime and sulphur. #*. ash removal work of boiler wet scrubber. #Hindi
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.95 Million / 19.50 Lakh
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 52037013
Closing Date 06 - Sep - 2022  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of water supply material, GI pipe, GI elbow, GI circuit, Gi union, GI T, GI band, GI niple heavy, gate valve, ferrule, GI reducer, saddle, rubber ring, sluice valve, air valve, CIT, telpiece, CI band, pipe pana, chain pana, chain pulley, hand pump, rod sakit, upper valve assemble, axcel, hand pump, GI sakit, waese, PVC pipe, cable wire, PVC pipe, PVC circuit, DI valve, rubber gasket etc. #*. Supply of electric material, Tube light, starter, choak copper, sodium set, tube light, street light, MH bulb, bulb, sodium set holder, wire, armet cable wire, aluminium wire, mercury clamp, main switch, copper wire, greef, CFL bulb, LED bulb, emperar fitting, garden light, MCB, LED street light etc. #*. Supply of cleaning material, Phenyl bottle, potas, chuna, small spade, shovel, pick axe, PVC bucket, tokari, crowbar, harpic, acis, bucket. #*. supply of stationary material, Typing letter, duplicating paper, dasta paper, carbon paper, ful scan paper, file pad, stamp pad course, all pin, typing riboon, glue, register, pen stand, register, white ink, refill, point refill, dustbin, plastic file folder, envelop etc. #*. Supply of public construction material, Murrum, crusher metal, boulder, sand, fly ash brick, OPC cement, mixture machine, distemper, paint, primer, bar, binding wire, iron door, hume pipe, soil GSB etc. #*. small Construction/repair work. #*. Hiring of JCB. #*. Supply of motor pump, panel board, cable, wire. #*. Repair work of motor pump, panel board, cable wire. #*. Supply of alum. #Hindi
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 51384368
Closing Date 05 - Sep - 2022  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of hardware, tools & tackles, nut-bolts, cast steel, butterfly valve and rubber goods etc. #*. supply of denatonium benzoate & crotonaldehyde. #*. supply ofall type electric, lighting goods & PVC cable etc. #*. supply of various process & lab chemicals for sugar mill. #*. annual maintenance contract of electronic weigh bridges. #*. #*. making/repairing of foundations of cane purchasing out side centers. #*. transportation of weigh bridges to out side cane purchase centers including loading, unloading and installation. #*. transportation of cane from various out side cane purchase centers upto 40 knis & above 40 icms. #*. sugar handling & loading work.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 51951502
Closing Date 31 - Aug - 2022  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Job work - roller reshelling, balancing, boiler ibr work, chemical cleaning, valve repairing, boiler refractory work, m.s. fabricated pipe & pipe erection. #*. overhauling weigh bridge, air compressor, d.m. plant, acfc, d.c. motor, d.c. drive, plc system, water imbibitions, distillery plc & field instrument. all turbine vfd, plc, kec, ifc panel, prd system work, turbine reblading work, gunmetal material, remolding/recasting, lagging rubber belt, jointing, motor/rotor/stator rewinding overhauling mill realignment job work, hydraulic cap servicing. #*. providing of goods/spares/chemical - boiler tube cleaning equipments, boiler & chemical paint, iron & steel, trash & scraper plate, chain & chain spares, m.s. fab, rake, slale, cane cutting knives, hammers, tips, sprocket pinion, m.s. & special welding rods & welding material, work shop tools, m.s., g.i, s.s. & c.i. pipes & pipe fittings, mechanical seals, all turbine spares, acb avr, plc, vfd panel, kec iec motor spares, c.i., c.s., g.m. ibr & fab valves, bearing, kirloskar, mather platt, gita, max. ebera, ksb pump spares, i.r., kirloskar chicago compressor spares, elecon, radicon, alride, cyclo, gear box & spares, acfc mass flow drum level water imbibition system spares, packing jointing, rubber goods, rubber belt conveyor belt, hardware material, nut bolts & special nut bolts, hydro lick puller, oxygen - acetylene gas, couplings, s.s. tubes, krup., nhec c/f spares, nickel, brass, s.s. screens & wire netting, heavy & process, lab chemical & apparatus, hdpe tarpoline, engg. & agril. wire ropes, bamboo mats, bamboo, plastic tent & knives, spares & tyre, tube for bullock cart, hose pipes, oils & lubricant special grease, siemens, l & t, material, cable & capacitor, m.s., pvc binding wire silo spares, lighting material, distillery chemicals, wire cable, capacitor, cooling water, boiler water, d.m. plant treatment chemical, distillery & bio-compost chemical, m.s./ p.v.c. binding wire all type of gauges and gauge glass.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 52042563
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2022  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of general electrical items - lithivm complex grease unirex-n3, make- mobil, nylon twisted brushes size1, nylon twisted brushes size1.5, current collector for seprate dsl mill eot crane, make- automech (r, y, b, n), pandent push button station for mill crane make- automech, pandent cable supporting chain size 4mm, rectifier for solenoid valve, 24 vac/24vdc, make- mic, cable trolly chain size -06 mm, dsl current collector for separate dsl, unloader size l-150mm h-103mm, w-30mm make- automech, thrustor breake type sme kg-13, 3 phase, 415v, make- bew, solenoid coil far trolly coil 24 vdc, type ce, 15784229 3117b057395 make- donfoss, resistance box type 6m3/10ss-pg rotor voltage- 115vac, rotor 24a, 6hp, 3 phase 415vac, "vollago transformer w19723 , ratio 11kv/v3/110v/v3, , 11kv/v3/110v/v3, , 11kv/v3/110v/v3, , burden:- 50va, 50va, 50va , class- 3p, 0.2, 0.2 , vf- 1.2 cent +1.9 for 8 hrs. , ins. level 12/28/75w, , conn:- star/star/star-star make- instrans, voltage transformer type- earthed, pri voltage 11000/v3 secv : 110/v3, 110/v3, 110/v3, , va/ph:- 50, 50, 50, class 0.2 3.p 3p, insulation class-b, n.f 1.2 con. 1.9 for 8h, make- pragati , lt magger 500 w make- meco, pt 3 phase, type- rc va-50, class:-1.0 hsv/1l 0.66 /3kv, ratio- 415v/v3/110v/v3/110v/v3, phase: three, make- saviour eng., work, delhi, single phase 10-60 a energy electronic kwh meter l&t make.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 52042581
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2022  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of wire cable
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 52074450
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2022  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of electrical spares ltmr100ebd range 5-100a make schneider, field failure relay range 0.5-2a make system, "viberator regulator/ controller, voltage: 230vac make vaidehi , ", viberator for esp hopper ( as per sample), h.t breaker, type – hvx-ci 11 kv, 3ph. closing coil-110 vdc, tripping coil, 110 vdc, tripping coil, 230 vac, 3q viberator motor ( unbalance) , 0.3 kw, rpm-1400, 415 vac make- tagpur motor , frp rod for esp dia length ( as per sample), hopper heater pad for esp, supply 415vac, c.t link-32 amp, 415 vac-type-pknl32 make-pelox, h.t. ct link, type-drsc5 te, 800/6kv 6mm2make rj, spare kit lc1f330 + lx1h2202, spare kit le1e630m, spare kit lc1e500 ac3, spare kit lc1e160ac3 , part-b, auto timer for ratary screen, type – xt346, version:- v1.02.1.07 supply: 85 to 270vac, make- selec, electronic controller for mill bearing lubrication type:- electronic controller mppic-11 make:- cenlub system, vfd cooling fan mill modal no- 6318/2 tdhhpr 48vdc, 2.65a 127w c36-72 vdc) make: ebmpapst, vfd card exhaust fan model:- pudc2403cr-l49 volt dc-24v, 0.12a make:- nidec servo corporation, batch type m/c vfd cooling fan model:- 2218f/2 tdhhp 48 vdc, 1.0a, 48w ( 36-72 vdc) make:- ebmpapst, batch type m/c vfd card exhaust fan model- pfb0824ghe dc24v, .54a, bnz make delta electronics inc., batch type m/c vfd card exhaust fan. model -09238rg-24q-fu 24vdc, 1.47a make nmb, for mill bearing panel timer, model h3dkz-f timer lot no. 19718m make – omron 24-240vdc/ac, timer, model h3dkz-a1 timer lot no. 18118m make – omron 24-240vdc/ac, under voltage realese yu-1sda038014r1 voltage 380-400 vac. make-abb, "closing & opening coile yo-1sda038292r1, yc-1sdao38302r1 voltage 220-240 ac, make-abb, ", for co-gen e.o.t d.c ampere meter, range 0-30adc, size- 96mm x 96mm make: rishabh, rotory limit switch type grls 48 volt-415, amp-40 make:- crane control equipments, counter weight limit switch ( graviting type) type: cwls v-415, a-40 make: crane control equipments, spring loaded brake 50w-190 vdc, model: 14-458-14 make: emco simplatroll, solid state reetifier type eh720hhd 230 vac/190 vdc 2a, "control transformer, va-2000 pri (v)= 660-690-720, sec(v)= 200-220-240, model = necnttw, make- new tex electricals, ", "potential transformer, va-50 class- 1, pri (v)- 690/v3, sec(v)- 415/v3, model- nepttw, make- new tex electricals, ", vfd cdp for module-acs880 make-abb, vfd cdp for module- acs355 make-abb, h.t jointing kit , size-300 mm2 make – raychem, plc for batch centrifugal m/c model – cpu pm554-tp-eth 8di24vdc, 6do-t 24vdc 0.5a make-abb, through- rhythm., vfd module for stoker motor model-acs355-03e-04a1-4 make- abb , vfd module for prepared cane belt conveyor, make-abb model-acs580-01-046a-4, "vfd module for cane rack elevator, make-abb , model- acs580-01-145a-4, ", "vfd module for main cane carrier, make – abb, model: acs580-01-169a-4, ", "vfd module for sa fan model – acs580-01-026a-4 , make - abb, ", "vfd module for mill drive motor, make-abb , model-acs880-04-430a-7 + obo51 + e208 + oh371 +oj-400 + p943, ", vfd cooling fan model -3110kl-05w-b80 24vdc, 0.23 a make-nmb, silicagel for transformer, vfd cooling fan model-2410 ml-05w-b40 24vdc, 0.12 a make- nmb, ethernet adapter fena-11 make-abb, vfd cooling fan model 2410 ml-05w-b79, 24vdc, 0.25a, make – nmb, vfd cooling fan dc brushless model afb1524hh 24 vdc, make – delta electronics, 1.30a, vfd cooling fan model- d1751p24b8pp340 dc 24v, 3.4a make- nidec servo corporation, vfd cooling fan model- d1751u24 b8pp366 dc24v, 3.4a make- nidec servo corporation, vfd cooling fan model- d1751s48b9cp-54 dc 48v, 2.3a make- nidec servo corporation, vfd cooling fan model- 3108nl-05w-b50 24vdc, 0.19a make- nmb,
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 52074513
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2022  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of general store items emery paper (fine) make- carborandom , emery paper (rough) make- carborandom, emery tape 3” (fine) make- carborandom, emery tape 3” ( rough) make- carborandom, grinding wheel ag 4 (bosch), grinding wheel ag 7 ( bosch), cutting wheel ag 4 (bosch), cutting wheel ag 7(bosch), hold tight ( 500g packing), cup brush set ( ag4) ( cool tool), wire brush, "steel measuring tape ( make freemans) , 3 mtr, ", "steel measuring tape ( make freemans) , 5 mtr, ", s.s scale 6” make ( natraj/taparia), s.s scale 12” make ( natraj/taparia), buffing wheel ag 4 ( bosch), hacksaw blade ½” x 12” (make miranda), center punch 6” ( taparia) , number punch ( taparia), letter punch ( taparia), bench lice 6” ( taparia), s.s 304 sim packing, size 0.2mm , s.s 304 packing, size 0.3mm, s.s 304 packing, size 0.4mm, s.s 304 packing, size 0.5mm, locktite-638 (250 ml. pkg.), m.seal pidlight , p.u tube -8mm (festo), male connector ( festo) (dia 8mm x ¼”), p.u socket ( 8mm x 8mm), male connector( festo) (dia 8mm x ½” ), tee( both thread & non thread) ( dia 8mm x ¼”) festo, elbow ( dia 8mm x ¼”), union ( dia 8mm x ¼”), pu- tube-10mm ( festo), "male connector ( dia-10mm x1/4” ) , ( hakimi), ", pu socket ( 10mm x10mm) ( make-ship ) , male connector ( dia-10mm x ½”), tee( both thread & nos thread ) (festo) dia 10mm x ¼”) (hakimi), elbow ( dia-10mm x ¼” ) (hakimi), union ( dia-10mm x ¼” ), 12” wooden handle hex blade frame, hacksaw blade 1” x 12” l make- miranda , teflon tape 1” , permanent marker black , permanent marker red, lifting cotton rope size ¾”, lifting cotton rope size 1 ¼”, uhmwpe slat 400x60x10 ( in mm), slate conveyor chain pitch -36mm, cs simplex sprocket with hud, pitch-36 mm no of teeth 9 no, cs simplex sprocket with hub, pitch-20 mm, no of teeth-22 no, cs simplex sprocket with hub, pitch 20mm, no of teeth 16 no, simplex chain pitch ( make –diamond ) 20mm, rustolene, wd-40 (500 ml. pkg), valve grinding paste 400 gm, blue matching paste, araldite( resign & hardner ) ( hamspl), markin cloth, oil paper size -1 mtr x 1 mtr, cotton waste , old dhoti , s.s 304 sim packing size-0.1mm , copper round bar size 1d-40mm x300mm length , molicoat m30/high temp grease make-dow carning, graphite paste, anabond 666t ( tube) make anabond, h.s blade 12”x1", make marinda , blue paste, make brichwood , birkosit dichtung skit make –a.i schulze, teflon rod (25mm) x 1 mtr, teflon rod (50mm) x 1mtr, copper rod (25mm) x 1 mtr., lead wire (0.5mm), round brush-6mm, round brush-8mm, grease gun-5kg, emery paper-size-50 make carborandum, emery paper, size-320 make-carborandum , emery paper, size-1000 make carborandum, emery paste-medium packing of -400 gm, emery paste-rough packing of 400gm, right angle-6”, right angle-12”, carbon bush-ag-4 grinder make-bosch, carbon bush-ag-7 grinder make – bosch, brasso size-100ml, duplex chain pitch-1” make – diamond, wire rope sling size 32mm thickness length 6550mm both side fold back eye size 750mm (as per drawing), wire rope sling size 32mm thickness length 5700mm both side fold back eye size 750mm (as per drawing),
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 52074532
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2022  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of instrument spares spare kit & seat for control valve make- uniflow control act- model –sr-125 + mor body moc-wcb + epdm –h size 125 mm, spare kit & seat for control valve make- uniflow control, model –sr-150-1 + mor body moc-wcb + epdm –h size 150 mm, spare kit & seat for control valve make- uniflow control, model –sr-80 + mor body moc-wcb + epdm –h size 80 mm, spare kit & seat for control valve make- uniflow control, model –sr-100 + mor body moc-wcb + epdm –h size 100 mm, spare kit & seat for control valve make- uniflow control, model –sr-80 + mor body moc-wcb + epdm –h size 50 mm, spare kit & seat for control valve make- uniflow control, model –sr-125 + mor body moc-wcb + trim mocss316+r- ptfe size 50 mm, spare kit & seat for control valve make- uniflow control, model –rm-35 type – 4 globe 2 way trim pcb/eq size 125mm, spare kit & seat for control valve act model (sr- 250 + mor) body moc-wcb, trim moc ss316 +r-ptfe size -350 , spare kit & seat for control valve make- dembla model- ldp-3-98-90, seat moc- ptfe ball/disc moc-cf8m, body moc- wcb, trim- v. ball/eq, type- v- ball, size 150mm, spare kit & seat for control valve make- dembla model- ldp-2-78-9c, seat moc- ptfe ball/disc moc-cf8m, body moc- wcb, trim- v. ball/eq, type- v- ball, size 200mm, spare for control valve (act) make- dembla model –dmp-33, type- globe 2 way trim pcb/eq body moc-wcb series, 1100 size 200 mm, spare kit for control valve make- dembla model sr-150-1 mor body moc-wcb trim moc ss316 + r –ptfe size 150 mm, magnetic pick-up unit make- magnetic sensor corporation part no- 401029-20, orp sensor make- rosemount, sin- h20-23329048-s01 , vibration sensor ( with connector) make- schenck sr. no- 613435, model- sr-lps-420f0255001 velocity of vibration-25mm/sec, donally chute sensor for mill type- conductive, seal kit and springs of control valve make – uniflow act. model:- sr-150-1+ mor body moc:- wcb + epdm-h trim moc:- 316 size:- 200 mm required :- 10 springs, 10 seal kit, seal kit & springs of control valve make- uniflow act model:- sr-125 + mor body moc:- wcb+ epdm-h trim moc-316 size:- 125mm, rtd (pt-100) make- tempson/general type- duplex-3 wire length -75mm dia-6mm, media converter make- best net, model-bn-100-mc-mm, process indicator make-electro-med, input-4 to 20ma, output-9999, range-9999, supply-230vac, seal kit for sov ( batch type machine) model-5/2 way poppet-k412-s, size-1/4” bsp, supply-24vdc, make-kushako, seal kit for sov ( batch type machine) model-3/2 way poppet-k312-s, size- ¼” bsp, supply-24vdc, make- kushako, seal kit for sov ( batch type machine) model-5/2”, poppet-k412-d, size-1/4” bsp, supply-24vdc, make-kushako, copper lugs u-type size-1.5 sq mm, make- dowells, copper lugs u-type size-2.5 sq mm, make- dowells, copper lugs ring type size-1.5 sqmm make-dowells, copper lugs ring type size- 2.5 sqmm make-dowells, petroleum jelly for ups battery terminals, 16 sqmm earthing cable, copper, prossure gauge( glycerin) diot size-2 ½” , port connection-3/8” npt, fluid filled- glycerin, end connection-bottom mounted, range-0 to 10 kg/cm2,
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