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Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 63637806
Closing Date 16 - Aug - 2024  |  115 Days to go View Tender Details
Outline Trade Procurement Plan (otpp), Short Cotton Light Og (modified Design), Blanket Superior Og, Trouser Serge Polywool 1973 Patt Modified, (all Sizes), Hat Gorkha Complete with Chin Strap All, Sizes, Shirt Men Angola Drab Polywool Modified, Patt 2012, Trouser Drill Khaki 1973 Pattern (modified), All Sizes, Pt Shoes (sports Footwear), All Sizes, Laundry Press Commerical Tailor, Cloth Flannel Grey for Hospital, Belt Waist (modified), Sashes Worsted, Sewing Cotton Thread 100 Dtex X 6 Khaki, 50m/tube, Cloth Calico Cotton White Bleached 91 Cm, Sewing Cotton Thread 165 Dtex X 27 Og, 1000m/tube, Square Tailor Wood 60mm X 300 Mm, Title Emb Og Kumaon, Rain Cape Multipurpose Distruptive (poncho), Cover Water Proof for Sikh Personnel, Combat T-shirt All Sizes, Coat Combat with Digital Camouflage Print, (all Sizes), Tracksuit (pt Uniform) All Sizes, Combat Uniform Digital Pattern as a Set of, Jacket, Trouser & Cap for Male, Socks Ecc All Sizes, Coat Ecc (all Sizes) (imp Version), Gloves Ecc (modified) Outer and Inner All, Sizes, Underpant Woollen (imp Version), Vest Thermal (all Sizez), Bag Sleeping Lt Weight All Sizes, Googgles All Terrain (improved), Cap Balaclava Og (improved), Trouser Ecc (all Sizes), Cover Mess Tin, Pag Og, First Field Dressing (ffd), Boot Ankle Leather Print Grain for Gp (all, Sizes), Elbow & Knee Pads, Helmet Crash Dr Mk-ii All Sizes, Cord Disc Identity, Kullah Dome Shapped Og, Caps Knee, Gloves Protective Size S/m/l, Gloves Protect Elect S/10 Type -2, Gloves Working Size S/2, Face Mask Antimine Universal Type, Disc Identity Aluminium Round, Whistle Ball, Nail Tips Heel Toe, Boot Short Knee Rubber (all Sizes), Hot Water Bottle Rubber, Carrier Man Pack Mk-i, Mattress Glacier (ecc&e), Mattress Mk-ii (imp Ver), Snow Boot, Tank Mule Alluminium High Altitude, Cloth Cotton Drill White Bleached 71 Cm, Pack with Alumimium Frame (modified), Rack Steel Adjustable, Table Folding Cook House Mk-iv Ss Top, Counter Pane Hospital, Rope Skipping 2.5mtr, Bed Stead Iron Hospital Mk-iii, Tray Mess Compartment Ss (army Patt), Sieves Atta Circular 400mm Dia, Utensil Cooking 45 Men Set Lid Degchie, 305mmno.2, Strainer Tea Stainless Steel 120mm Bow, Uc 4-6 M/set Roll Pin Wooden Leng 300, Container 9 Ltrs, Boxes Ice Small, Shirt Cotton White for Cooks Size 1 to 4, Table Bed Side Steel, Table Gs Med Mk-ii, Utensil Cooking 4 Men Set Degchie Larg, Stove Oil Wickless No.100 Complete, Chest Treasure Small Mk-ii, Table Overbed Invaild Steel, Boxes Counter Clerk, Stainless Steel Parat Med with Lid, Tumbler Ss 300 Ml, 42 Slipper Men' S Rubber Black S/5 to S/1, Sizes), Stainless Steel Thermos 1 Ltr, Basin Wash Aluminium, Scale Dial Indicating Hanging Type, 100kgx500gm, Stainless Steel Meat Chopper, Uc 150 M/set Degchie 650mm, Basket Ration with Lid, Plastic Container W/o Lid (for Carriag, Fresh Items), Utensil Cooking 4 Men Set Degchie M, Table Laundry Folding, Gloves Boxing 230gms, Cases Mattress Gymnasia, Bed Stead Child with Deop Side, Tub Iron Galvanised 85 Ltrs, Hand Cuff Adjustable, Scale Beam Indicating 5 Kg, Ball Medicine 3.2 Kg, Cloth Table Hospital, Sprayer Insecticide Mannually Carried, Compression Hand Operated Knapsack, Scale Beam Indicating Hanging Type 15 Kg, 200, Frying Pan Multipurpose 8" Copper Bottom, Stretcher Amb Mk-ii Sling Mk-5, Saree White with Blue Border, Saree Light Blue, Multipurpose Army Fd Cot Cum Stretcher, Squezer Lemon, Glasses Looking Mk-iv, Broom Push 280 Mm Bristle, Trouser Drill White Bleached S/1 to S/6a, Skirts White Stripped S/1 to S/4, Uc 4-6 Men Set Slab Wooden, Utensil Cooking 45 Men Set Katorah No.2, Electric Kettle, Cabinet Storage Meat & Milk, Slipper Rubber Red S/2 to S/7, Lantern Kerosin High Altitude Mk-i, Tea Container (capacity 15 Ltr), Bukle Iron Roller Double 22 Mm, Peg Picketing Mk-ii, Head Bridle Su Large, Horse Shoe Cavalry Mk-ii No.6 Fore, Crupper Pa Large, Horse Shoe Cavalary Mk-ii No.4 Fore, Bits Bridoon Pmg Mk-2 Small, Head Stall Gs, Lining Felt Brown Long No.2, Girth Su Med Mk-ii, Surcingle Su Large, Frings Brow Band, Horse Shoe Cavalry Mk-ii No.5 Hind, Mule Shoe Mk-ii No 4, Bridle Snaffle, Shackle Mule No.2 Mk-4, Thread Cotton Ind 500 Stex X 4 Unbleached, Blanket Saddle Ma, Pad Vaulting, Strap Upper Rear for Attachment Girth, Leather Buffalow Curried Back Medium, Skin Chamoos Leather Grade "a', Leather Chamois Skin Grade-ii, Leather Buffalo Curried Back Light, Panel Pgs Lining Felt Brown Short No 1, Saddle Su Pattern 2 Attac V Girth Near, Hammer Peg Picketing Mk-ii, Tape Niwar Og 13 Mm, Cover Horse Mk-iii Small, Starp Neck Hpd Points, Reins Driving Long, Traces Wire Hmd Long, Cut Components Att V Girth Strap U/frnt, Mule Shoe Mk-2 No.3 Fore Machine, Strip Girth Pa Mk-2, Felt Jute Needled Soft 3mm Thick, Sheet Rubber Solid Black 200cm X 100cmx, 10.0mm, Rack Cleaning Stable, Carrier Man Pack Base Plate Bipod Brl, 81mm, Rein Bridoon Pgs, Pad Quarter Pack Saddlery Mortar 3 in, Leather, Collar Head Pgs Extra Large Mk-i, Brush Animal Grooming, Mule Shoe Mk-3 No.4 Hind,
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 70756666
Closing Date 15 - Jul - 2024  |  83 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of set of fibre glass cable cleat for wap-5 #*. set of fibre glass cable cleat for wap-5 loco as per clw spec. no clw/es/3/0414 alt %u2013 c or latest [ warranty period: 30 months after the date of delivery ]
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 71260870
Closing Date 11 - Jul - 2024  |  79 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of complete micro switch #*. complete micro switch assembly with g.f. nylon body, mounting plate and cable, abs moulded terminal cover for use in m/s. eversure make air flow relays - qvmt, qvsl, qvrh, qvsi. as per m/s. eversure drawing no.eee/afr/05 rev-1, item ref. no. 6,7,8,9,10,12,13. [ warranty period: 30 months after the date of delivery ]
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 71169287
Closing Date 09 - Jul - 2024  |  77 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Spares For Mig-29 (Upg) Aircraft #*. R T Lead ( Electrical Cable), Assembly, Electric Mechanism, Automatic Relay Box, Coupling Interface Unit, Control Computer.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 71212988
Closing Date 02 - Jul - 2024  |  70 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Ew System Spares, Mii Unit, Pvu7 Sub Module, Dt 1 Unit, Gud 12 Device, Pdfp1 Device, Pd F2 Device, Uvat1-51mc Device, Uvc-51 Device, Pvs Device, Uv3-531, Uv7-32 Module, Pk 14 Module, Tvu -12 Module, Tvu-24 Module, Kr Device, Km2000 Device, Ps95 Device, Pmpv Sub Module, Ipv Shi Device, Ipvii Device, Afu-14 Module, Kesol Set of Cooling System Spare Parts, Kesop Set of Cooling System Spare Parts, Kmchl Set of Cables and Connectors, Pdu 52 Device, Pdn G-52 Device, Kv 52 Device, Kz -52 Device, Kv 1 Device, Kz-1 Device, Kpv Device, Pkf 16-54 Device, Pzv128i1 Device, Pzv128i2 Device, Pkf 12-32 Device, Kz 01 Device, Pr O-1 Device, Pro-52 Device, Kp-1 Device, Kv-01 Device, Kp-01 Device, Pro-01 Device, Uuzvi Device, Pim Device, Uin Device, Upm Unit, Pk8m.3 Device, Pmg 8 X 4-3 Device, Dn4-1 Device, Dn4-54 Device, Rg4-52 Device, Pd 1 X 6-51 Device, Ups-51 Device, Pmg 8x4-2 Device, Pmg 8 X 4-4 Device, Pmg 8 X 4-5 Device, Pm 4 X 16-32 Device, Pm 4x8-51-2 Device, Pg8-52 Device, Pm 16x5-51 Device, Upm2x4 Device, Pg 4-4 Devcie, Pmg 4x4-4 Device, Upm 4x4 Device, Pmu 4x6-12 Device, Pmu4x12-24 Device, Dn8r-14 Device, Ukm 14 Device, Ukp14 Device, Up 14 Device, Pdu-54 Device, Gmpu 2x6 Device, Pfpi Unit, Pmipi Unit, Mspa-2040-29 Module, Gf Heterodyne Oscillator, Smpv15b Power Supply Module.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 71392343
Closing Date 02 - Jul - 2024  |  70 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Mi-series Helicopter Spares, Turn Buckle, Adapter with Orifice, Main Rotor Brake, External Tank (port), Cable, Vane Ngv, Stage 1, Shield, Ring Adjusting, Gearbox Drive External, Ring Adjusting, Ring Adjusting, Harness Wiring Electric, Bucket Seat Flight Engineer, Fasteners, Bushing, Hose.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 71448366
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2024  |  68 Days to go View Tender Details
Expression of Interest of Import Substitution Items: Crome Casing Pipes, Chrome Tubing Pipes, Drill Pipes, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars And Lifting Plug, Drilling Stabilizers, Drilling/ Workover Handling Tools --- Elevators, Tongs, Slips Etc., Potassium Formate, Solid Control Equipment --- Mud Cleaner/ Degasser/, Centrifuge/ Linear Motion Shale Shaker, Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) And Its Accessories, Srp Insert Pump, Ethyl Mercaptan, Low Shear Velocity Fluids/Polymers, Emd Chemical Dosing Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Hsp 20/40, Isp 20/40, Isp 30/50 Mesh, Pig Tracker/Transmitter, Pipeline Locator, Logging Cables, Tri Cone Roller Drilling Bits Of Various Sizes, 11"Od Standard Reverse Circulating Junk Basket & 7.7/8" Od Reverse, Circulating Junk Basket, Pdc Drill Bits Of Various Sizes, Fishing Tool; 6.5/8 Inches Od Junk Sub For Operation Inside 8.1/2 Inches Hole, Impression Block For 4.5 Inch Od , 5.0 Inch Od, 9.625 Inch Od & 13.375 Inch Od Casing, Pneumatic Spinner, 5.1/ 2" Premium Threaded Casing (GRADE: N80 & Grade P110), Cased Hole Logging Units With Tools And Accessories Along With, Installation, Commissioning And Training, Wireline Mast Unit, Including Training And Installation &, Commissioning, Oil Well Explosives : (I) 2-1/8 Inch Tubing Cutter Along With Detonator, And Hardware Accessories, (II) 1-9/16 Inch Tubing Puncher/ Circulation Charge & Hardware, Accessories, Oil Well Explosives : Explosives For Baker Pressure Setting Tools :, Power Charge, Primary Ignitor & Secondary Ignitor, Procurement Of Oil Well Explosives Used In Exploration And, Production Of Hydrocarbon, (I) Deep Penetration Charges, (II) Resistoriess Detonator Assy, , (III) Deto Cord 80 Hmx Nylon Ls 1.4s, (IV) 54 Mm Strip Carrier, 6spf, 12 Ft/3 M Long, (V) Detocord /CHARGE Clips, (VI) Tandem Connector , 2.1/8" Stri P Carries, (VII) Splice Boot For Lead Wire, (VIII) Detonator Cord Retainer, (IX) 53.975 Mm (2.1/8") Od Firing Head Assy, (X) Nut & Bolt For Connecting Strip, (XI) Nut & Bolt For Connect Tandem (XII) Deto Cord End Seal (100 Nos./PKT), (XIII) 2.1/8" Charge Tightening Wrench, 27.1/2" (698.50 Mm) Rotary Table, 7.1/16" X 10 M Double Ram Bop With Accessories, 13.5/8" X 10 M Single Ram Bop With Accessories, 3.1/16" X 10 M Flexible Steel Hoses For Choke Manifold, 3.1/8" X 5 M Flexible Steel Hoses For Choke Manifold, 2.1/16" X 5m - Ss Flexible Steel Hose 3.1/16" X 10m - Ss Flexible Steel Hose, 3.1/8" X 5m Flexible Steel Hoses, Thermal Wellheads For 7" And 9.5/8" Casing Completion With Installation & Commissioning, Hose Vibrator, Rotary Hose, Drilling In Assorted Length, 2.34 Mm (0.092") Piano Wireline (WELL Measuring Line), Static Gel Strength Analyzer, Electronic Reservoir Pressure And Temperature Measuring Gauge., Automatic Distillation Apparatus, Ft – Ir Spectrophotometer, Rheometer, 350 Short Ton Drilling Hook & Elevator Links (250 Short Ton, 350 Short Ton And 500 Short Ton), Digital Acoustic Liquid Level Measuring Cum Dynamometer Equipment (ECHOMETER), Cross Over, Premium Box X Api Eue & Pup-Joint, 2.7/8", Premium In Assorted Length, Geological Thin Section Preparation Unit Comprising Of Cutting, , Vacuum Impregnation, Grinding And Polishing Equipment And Consumables, Polarised Microscope, Pony Drill Collar, Premium Tubing, 37.1/2” Rotary Table, Air Gas Permeameter, Double Block And Bleed Isolation Plug, Gas Chromatograph, Low To Moderate Temperature Cement Retarder, High Temperature Fluid Loss Control Cement Additive, Xcd-Polymer, Xc-Polymer (PREMIUM), Poly Anionic Cellulose-Regular, Poly Anionic Cellulose-Super Lo, Junk Sub 5.1/2 Inch & 7 Inch, 13.5/8-Inch X 10000 Psi Annular Bop, 13.5/8-Inch X 10000 Psi Double Ram Bop., Ct Reels, Super Fishing Jar, Drilling Jar, Overshots, Slammer Logging Cables, 3” Left Hand Kelly, Multi Element Analyzer, High Performance Ep Lube, Mercury Free Pvt System, Surface Memory Gauge, Accessories Of Logging Cable, Downhole Pressure Temperature Gauge, Real Time Kinematic Differential Global Positioning System, Flow Assurance Software, Seismic Survey Designing And Modelling Software, Low To Moderate Temperature Fluid Loss Control Cement Additive, High Temperature Cement Retrader, Cement Friction Reducer, Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer, Fishing Tool – 6.75” Od , Axial Vibrational , SHOCK Absorbing Tool 8” Od , Axial Vibrational , SHOCK Absorbing Tool, Tubing Stripper, Nano-Graphene Based Lubricant, Tubing Retrievable, Surface Controlled, Sub-Surface Safety Valve (TR-SCSSSV) With Accessories, 6 1/2" Fishing Bumper Sub, Core Dresser, Core Plug Drilling Equipment, Circulating Overshot (FISHING Tool), Reverse Circulating Junk Basket - (FISHING Tool), Metal Mucher Junk Mill - (FISHING Tool), Core Flooding System, 3.1/2 Inch Od Down Hole Mud Motor, Jar Intensifier (FISHING Tool), 3. 3/8 - 3/5” Tag Perforation Charges And Accessories - Explosives, 2 1/8” Uniphase Through Tubing Perforation Charge And Accessories Explosives, 2.7/8" Mud Motor, Double Plug Cementing Head, Rotary Taper Tap (FISHING Tool), Cement
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 70078732
Closing Date 28 - Jun - 2024  |  66 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Spares for Aerostatradar - Tape Poly Ethiline , uhmw, Wind Screen Furling Line, Confluence Line Port, Confluence Line Stbd, Main Close Haul Installation, Kit O Ring Seal, Adapter Ring, Board Parallel Base, Nose Latch Reel Cable, Circuit Breaker Apcu, Circuit Breaker, Circuit Breaker 2.5 a, Counter, digital, display, w/quadr(winch Cab), Sensor Humidity, Diode, Pin Switch, Fast Cure 5200 White, Board Assy Multi Sens Analog Intfc, Board Assy, Cable Assy W32, S/d Interface Board, Fin Guy Line Installation, Thunder Storm Sensor, Pitot Static Tube
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 70961724
Closing Date 24 - Jun - 2024  |  62 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of set of maintenance kit for cable head termination system (cht) of loco and emu/memu coaches. #*. set of maintenance kit for cable head termination system (cht) of loco and emu/memu coaches, consisting of 03 items, as per annexure: specification as per rdsos specn elrs/spec/bl/0003(rev.1), and amend 1 dec.08. [ warranty period: 30 months after the date of delivery ]
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 68372933
Closing Date 17 - Jun - 2024  |  55 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of nylon cable ties st-3nr self extinguishing 3.7 x 200 mm self locking, clw spec. no. clw/es/c-38 alt - e #*. nylon cable ties st-3nr self extinguishing 3.7 x 200 mm self locking, clwspec. no. clw/es/c-38 alt - e [ warranty period: 30 months after the date of delivery ]
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