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Product Detail : Procurement for various mechanical hand/ machine cutting tools and consumables - h.s.s. taps m3 x 0.5, spme029427, h.s.s. taps m4 x 0.7, spme029428, hand tap set(metric thread), size-5*0.8, sptl004583, hand tap set(metric thread), size-6*1, sptl004584, hand tap set(metric thread), size-8*1.25, sptl004585, hand tap set, hss, m10 x 1.25, mm, spme036450, hand tap set(metric thread), size-10*1.5, sptl004586, hand tap set, hss, m12 x 1.5, mm, spme036448, hand tap set(metric thread), size-12*1.75, sptl004587, hand tool, tap set filter, m 14 x 1, sptl002003, h.s.s. taps m16 x 2, spme029446, hand tool, tap set filter, m 14x1.5, sptl002004, hand tap set(metric thread), size-14*2, sptl004588, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 13mm, spme032362, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 15mm, spme032363, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 16mm, spme032364, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 19mm, spme032366, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 25mm, spme032371, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 30mm, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 35mm, spme032376, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 32mm, spme032375, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 42mm, spme032379, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 40mm, spme032378, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 50mm, spme032382, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 60mm, spme032385, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 68mm, spme032388, hss drill 8.5 mm, sptl004601, hss drill 10.5 mm, sptl004605, hss straight shank drills ΓΈ 10.2, mm, spme029671, hss drill 13.0 mm, sptl004610, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 55mm, spme032384, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 65mm, spme032387, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 27mm, spme032372, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 37mm, spme032377, drill,twist,hss parallel shank dia, 48mm, spme032381, hss drill 7.5 mm, sptl004599, hss drill 10.0 mm, sptl004604, hss drill 7.0 mm, sptl004598, hss drill 12.0 mm, sptl004608, hss drill 12.5 mm, sptl004609, taper reamer size m4, spme035897, taper reamer size m5, spme035898, taper reamer size m6, spme035899, taper reamer size m8, spme035900, taper reamer 3mm, sptl004620, taper reamer 10mm, sptl004621, taper reamer 12mm, sptl004622, allen keys, 2.5 mm, spme038918, allen keys, 3 mm, spme038919, allen keys, 4 mm, spme038920, allen keys, 8 mm, spme038923, long ball ended allen key, spme038917, handle allen key -2 mm, sptl004596, handle allen key -7mm, sptl004597, teflon tape, cmzz004027, sheet 1 mtr x 1 mtr x, mm thick, rmzz000372, sheet 1 mtr x 1 mtr x, mm thick, rmzz000373, rod dia 12 x 1000 mm, sphw003815, rod size-40 dia x 300mm, length, teflon rod size-50dia x 300mm, length, spme003097, teflon rod size-75 dia x 300mm, length, spme003098, rustoline spray, sptl004625, loctite retaining, compound no.609,50ml, spel025468, loctite no.242 (threadlocker), spme029376, bar,nylon round,100mmx300, mm(l), spme005944, rod, nylon, 25mmx300mm(l), spme005940, rod, nylon, 30 mmx 300 mm(l), spme005941, rod, nylon, 40mmx300mm(l), spme005939, rod, nylon, 75 mmx 300 mm(l), spme005943, sheet nylon, 300mm(l)x300(b)x10, spme005935, sheet nylon, 300mm(l)x300(b)x6, spme005934, emery paper, no. 1000, cmzz001690, emery paper, no. 240, cmzz001687, emery paper, no. 4/0, cmzz001691, emery paper, no. 600, cmzz001688, emery paper, no. 800, cmzz001689, solid carbide drills 3.0 mm, sptl004614, solid carbide drills 4.0 mm, sptl004615, solid carbide drills 5.0 mm, sptl004616, solid carbide drills 6.0 mm, sptl004617, center drills, bs-1, spme035901, center drills, bs-2, spme035902, center drills, bs-3, spme035903, center drills, bs-4, spme035904, bar, en8, dia 15mm, spme006176, bar, en8, dia 20mm, spme006177, bar, en8, dia 25mm, spme006191, bar, brass, dia 15mm, spme032647, bar, brass, dia 20mm, spme032648, taper shank end mill 2.0 mm, sptl004619, shake end mill, taper , 3 mm, spme036447, mechanical seal 18 mm, blade, high speed hacksaw blade, 400x32x1.6mm, spme035908, grinding wheel 250 x 31.75 x 25, rough, sptl004633, grinding wheel 250 x 31.75 x 25, smooth, sptl004634, open ended spanner set, sptl004635, hss drill extra long3.0 mm, sptl004636, needle file set, sptl004680, tcgx 16t308-al h10 carbide, insert, sptl005373, tcgx 3(2.5)2-al h10 carbide, insert, sptl005374, tcgt 16t 308 fn-27h10t, carbide insert, sptl005375, tcgt 3253 fn-27 112454, carbide insert, sptl005376, tnmg 160412 diamond insert, sptl005377, revolving center extra heavy duty, taper, sptl005378, die set for size-5*0.8, sptl004589, die set for size-6*1, sptl004590, die set for size-8*1.25, sptl004591, die set for size-10*1.5, sptl004592, die set for size-12*1.75, sptl004593, s/f mill cutter dia 4
x 4mmx25, mm, sptl004640, s/f millcutter dia 8
x 10 mm x25, mm, sptl004641, s/f millcutter dia 6
x 8 mmx25, mm, sptl004642, grinding wheel fine (uc) 200, 31.75x20, sptl004681, grinding wheel, coarse(uc)200x31.75x20, sptl004682, box spanner set, 4 to 14,, taparia, spel016582, rivet, spme032037, electrode, welding, e 6013),, 3.15x350mm, spme005949, hose pipe for
Tender Location : Maharashtra - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Closing Date : 6/09/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Printing - Wood Paper and Paper Products   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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