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Product Detail : purchase of lab items , "battery eliminator (0-12v), 2a (ic, regulated)", ammeter (500 ma) , galvanometer (30def) , stop watch, "connecting wire with banana pin, pair", "battery box (1.5v cell connector, socket) , multimeter digital , plain mirror strip, sonometer, slinky , wall hook (slinkey), hollow tube (25cm x 2cm), metal plate (reflection of sound), electricity from flowing water, "pn junction diode characteristics, apparatus", "galvanometer into ammeter, (conversion), "galvenometer into voltmeter, (conversion)", resistance box (0-100, stainless steel wire (100 gm), copper bob, mortar pestle set, zemistry lab items -, "ethyl alcohol {ethenol) (packing, 500ml)", acetone (packing 500ml), "methanol pure (spirit) (packing, 500ml)", beaker (250mi) with spout, "conc hydrochloric acid (packing, 500ml\", "conc sulphuric acid (packing, 500ml)", pipette 10ml (graduated), glass funnei2.5”, measüring cylinder (1000mi) glass, wash bottle (250ml) plastic, litmus solution (red) (125mi), litmus solution (blue) (125ml), tollens reagent (125mi), nessler reagent (100mi), ammonium chloride (500gm), glass dropper (6”), beaker 250mi (glass) (b.g), sodium nitrite (500gm), platinum wire loop with wooden handle, test tube (15mi) (100 in each pkt), watch glass - 3", blow pipe, hot air oven, distillation assembly (condenser tube, t joint pipe), tissue paper, crucible tong powder coated 6”, , carbon disulphide (500mi), ph paper box, filter paper (12.5cm) whattmake made, test tube brush, lighter, glass rod (6”), lead nitrate (500gm), aluminium nitrate (500gm), surgical hand gloves, safety goggles, acetaldehyde (ar grade) (500ml), litmus paper (blue) (100lvs in each packet), litmus paper (red) (100lvs in each packet), burette glass (50mi) teflon cork, burette stand, ceric ammonium nitrate (50ogm), furfural (500ml), acetaldehyde (lr grade (500mi), ology lab items -, "oil immersion (100x) microscope, (compound)", glycerine(500mi), benedict reagent(500mi), safranin (500mi), aceto carmine(100ml), methylene blue (125mi), potassium iodide (100gm), hydrochloric acid conc (500mi), sodium chloride(500gm), magnesium sulphate (500gm), acetic acid conc (500ml), potassium nitrate (500gm), starch powder (500gm), sugar (glucose)/ dextrose (500gm), i ph paper box, chromatography sheet, formalin (500mi), ammonium chloride (500gm), iodine solution 1n (500mi), stigma (pollen germinating), slide, slides of gastrula (mammal), "plasmodium vivax (malaria, parasite) slide", slides of entamoeba histolytica, slides (ringworm), "slides of life cycle (malaria, parasite)", mitosis in onion root tip slide, squamosal epithelium slide, smooth muscles mount slide ,skeletal muscles mount slide,, slide (nerve cell), i human blood slide, dissection box, dissecting needle, forceps 5" (ss, test tube brushi, scissor, glass dropper 6", beaker 250mi glass (b.g, test tube (15ml) (100 in each pkt) , bunsun burner with stop cock , t glass slides (50pc in each pkt), cover slip packet (18mm), petri dish (4”) glass (b. g), plastic funnel (75mm), measuring cylinder (500ml) glass, test tube holderi, meiosis (grasshopper testis), bacteria slide, charts
Tender Location : Gujarat - India
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Tender EMD : INR 6611
Tender Closing Date : 23/08/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 24/08/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Education And Research Institute - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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