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Product Detail : Sale of 25 klpd distillery plant of pernod ricard at behror,, distributed control system, grain milling machine, r.o. plant to polish tertiary, l&t case 770 back hoe loader, effluent treatment plant/uasb reactor, effluent treatment plant aero -paq, boiler automation, wate purifier system cer/260/100,101,108-ttp, fermenter ms,desing pressure-, fermentor tank
2 nos, bag filter for boiler flue gas, pipe line boiler, decanter for spent grain, pipe line chimni of boiler l-, pipe line husk fired boiler, decantor motor 3rd, effluent treatment plant anacrobic filter, plate heat exchanger for liqui cer477/po/56 - heat exchanger, agitators for distillery agitators for fermentors at di, silo structure, backset recycle pumps & holdin, etp-hood, pumps for cooling tower, vfd for bhuler mill ca-cer-252, sludge dewatering system bearing trade centre, cable rerouting, distillation cooling tower erection & commissioning of co, fermentor tanks ms 165kl
1no, bear well tank
1no, cooling tower distillation
1, grain unloading system
3nos, f.o.c. column,desing pressure, rectifier cum exhation column, simmering column,desing pressu, exhaust column,desing pressure, cold water tank ( r.s.+e.n.a.), heads concentration column,des, purifier column,desing pressur, control panel,ctpt-cap, conveyor assembly for decanter, fermentation circulation pump,, dust collection system, dust collector&grain pre clean, condensate recovery system, analyser column,desing pressur, rectifier column,desing pressu, cooled slw storage tank, treated water strorage tank, in bed header, vortex steam flow meters, retention vessel, heat recovery unit, hot water tank,desing pressure, widegapphe-decanted spent wash, vodka grade spirit storage, effluent treatment plant, sludge & drain water pumps, etp-hood, phes for ferm.spent, decantor pannel, water flow meters, vfd for ct pumps with, aldehyde column,desing pressur, phe 2nd liquefa-capita, phe 1 no disttill-capita, phe liquefac-capit, fermentation circulation moter, ena tank 1,cap. storage 361000 liter, ena tank 1,cap. storage 360000 liter, spent wash line-capita, galvalume sheets, condenser
2 & pumps
3 with acc, softener plant - 12m3/hr, ferm cooling tower, new gas holder for etp, ro plant, workshop machines- lathe machine,bench grinder etc, distillery pumps & motors, pipe line | refractiries, 5 ton single girder eot crane, h.c.c. main condenser, purifier main condenser, heads t.a.cooler,desing pressu, steam chest,desing pressure-2, steam chest, (r.s.),desing pre, degassifying column,desing pre, effluent treatment plant electricals, buffer tank, guard pond, main pannel, main pannel, holding coil, liquifaction tank, liquefication control pannel, process flow hopper cap 10 ton, milling control pannel, principle condenser, drilling,milling & hydraulic s, furnancl oil tank,cap-50000, ambient air monitoring sys_etp, diesel pump
1 & flow meter
3no, phe liquifaction, f.o.c. main condenser, rectifier condenser, vent condenser, ena cooler, fusel oil decanter (ena), gas seperator, liquid separator, fusel oil decanter, i.s.cooler i & ii, r.s. cooler, simmering column reboiler,desi, 1st simmering column condenser, cap-water tank structure suppo,
8nos gear box, slurry tank, weighing hopper cap. 2.5 tons, intermediate hopper cap.3 tons, 10 kl ms cip tank
1, beer heater,desing pressure-0, t. a storage tank,cap. 96236 l, etp cooling tower, agitator, 50 kl tank, acoustic enclosure for turbine, f.o.c. vent condenser, pf tank,cap. 27000 liter, rs feed pump,model- 1x1-7, rs feed moter,kwe-1.1, hz-50, h.c.c. vent condenser, purifie vent condenser, fusel oil decanter ,desing pre, buffer tank agatoter, turbine unit,, kw -200 , rpm -, iron stand,structure, size-20f, flash tank,desing pressure- 1, aldehyde col. condenser- ii, vent condenser, jet cooker make bharti, ro hight pressure pump,16m3h, gas blower motor 75 hp, coal fired boiler instruments, rc tank -1,cap. 29703.1 bl, rc tank -2,cap . 29926.3 bl, rc tank -3,cap. 30204.6 bl, acid holding tank, vfd -coalmill-capitalis, condensate pot., ens tank,desing pressure-atm, ms square tank, siphon for analysis column,des, 2nd simmering column condenser, etp-hood, id fan,model-xl-229, rpm-1094, id motor,kw/hp-45(60), rpm-14, boiler elct.installation, softner at etp plant, energy efficient motors, effluent treatment plant pipe line, cer147-vfd-airblower, water / causting tank, culture vessel 2, ens tank,desing pressure-atm, fermenter for 25 kl klpd distillery plant, slurry tank agitator motor, silo elect. installations, elec panel for workshop machin, fusel oil washing pumps, multi grade filter versadmf 04, process pumps for plant, floor wash pump,type, alcohol water mixer, condensate pot, aeropack pump motor, trickling filter pump, trickling filter pump motor, trickling filter rotating arm, grean belt development monoblo, feed well, buffer tank pump motor, anerobic filter pump, anerobic filter pump motor, aeropack pump, colling towe
Tender Location : Multi State - India
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Tender Closing Date : 18/12/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 18/12/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Other Metal Products - Iron and Steel   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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